Geevor Afterdarker

Geevor Afterdarker

Geevor The Afterdarker Man Engine

Always looking for new and interesting places to take the camera and explore & being curious about our mining heritage a trip over to Geevor Mine to see the Man Engine sounded like the perfect place to take the camera. 

The Man Engine is the largest mechanical puppet ever built & was built to celebrate the  Cornish Mining World Heritage Site at Geevor “Tinth” anniversary.

They did it in style and built the Man Engine an amazing 11m high mechanical puppet.

My photos

All photos are shot on a Canon 6D mark 1 with a Canon L series 24-70mm F4 lens. 

ISO 800, F4 camera mounted on a Manfrotto tripod balanced on a stone wall above the crowd. 


Head over to the Man Engine website to read more about the Man Engine and where it will be performing in 2018. If you get a chance to see it go for it. 

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