Back In Time Trip To Beamish

Back In Time Trip To Beamish

At Last I got there!

Finally after many years of promising myself to go I have at last got round to visiting Beamish Open Air museum near Durham.

For most of the day I pretty much had the place to myself and took advantage of the quiet streets and shops to have a good look round and grab some photos.

No tripod meant shooting at high iso no problem for the Canon 6D with 24 -70 L series Lens the image stabilisation worked  well.

Beamish 1900s Mine Underground

Only photos to come out with noise were taken in near darkness down the old drift coal mine.

With lots of things to see and do Beamish is a brilliant place to visit. Take a ride on a tram, head down a mine, chat to the land girls in  the 1940’s farm.

Take a look at the old photography shop watch & film being developed.

Beamish Tram Lines
Beamish 1940's Town Photo

Plenty to see inside

Head inside & see what life was like back then meet the people working in the shops speak to the bank manager and head off to the homes to see how people lived back then.

Beamish 1800s Copper Pots

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